Monthly Archives: November 2023

Transform Your Car’s Roof: A Comprehensive Guide to Car Roof Repair, Installation, and Star Roof Lights

Your car’s roof is not just a protective covering; it’s an integral part of your vehicle’s overall aesthetic and functionality. Over time, roofs can become damaged, faded, or worn, diminishing the appearance and value of your car. At Sana Vip Interior, we understand the importance of maintaining a pristine car roof, and we offer a […]

Shielding Your Car’s Radiance: Car PPF and Wrapping with Sana Vip Interior

In the realm of automotive care, protecting your car’s exterior from the elements and maintaining its pristine condition is paramount. With the advancements in automotive technology, car paint protection film (PPF) and vinyl wrapping have emerged as effective and popular solutions to safeguard and enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics. At Sana Vip Interior, we are dedicated […]

How to Repair Car Upholstery with Sana VIP Interior

Car upholstery can take a beating over time, especially if you have kids or pets. Stains, tears, and rips are all common problems. If your car upholstery is damaged, you don’t have to replace it. Sana VIP Interior offers professional car upholstery repair services to restore your car’s interior to its former glory. Here is […]